Established in 1995

Harmony Hill Puppet Theatre is a traveling theatre, complete with a fully-draped stage, lights, and sound. All you need to provide is a suitable space, and a wall outlet within 40 ft.  

Choose from 22 shows; there's a show for almost any occasion and budget!

Pick from 10 Workshops for children and adults; experience the fascinating art of puppetry for yourself!

Behind The Puppets

Mary Benson has a BA in English from Rutgers University, and is certified in Elementary Education. She was a member of Dr. Neff's Incredible Puppet Company,formerly a theater-in-residence at Glassboro College (now Rowan University) in Glassboro, NJ, for 5 years. She established Harmony Hill Puppet Theatre in 1995, and for 6 years led puppetry workshops in the L.I.F.E. Afterschool program for the School District of Lancaster, PA.